Don’t be afraid to sail against the current. Here we do it every day. As unique people we
don’t try to make a difference, we are the difference. So why not use your personal
presentation to match up with what’s inside?

For us it was hard to find the proper wear, discriminating in looks, feel and quality. We didn’t
find it. This made us consider designing and making it ourselves. And we did!
With reference to modern and contemporary art – think of Malevich – and an eye for detail
we proudly present our first line of Bob Sebastian Polos. Since we made the choice for our
production to be limited, by wearing one of these polos you will walk in a unique piece of
art. Be recognized!

And of course, we care about the climate and sustainability. Our Dutch design is produced
within the European Union, guaranteed child labor-free and made of high-quality fabrics to
ensure the durability of your polo. Make a difference!

If our line of products matches your taste and fits your desire, we more than welcome you to
join the Bob Sebastian community by wearing our products. If you have any questions, or
problems ordering, please use the contact link, so we can help you along.

Bob Sebastian